ramen (rah-men). the original fast food from japan. it’s comfort food at its best. a steaming bowl of hot broth, soft nourishing noodles swimming alongside vegetables and protein, ready to nourish your body and soul. engage all your senses and dive in to your bowl of nourishing goodness

good food should satisfy all the senses

making ramen is an art form. when our chef’s craft all comes together to create your bowl of steaming goodness, all components are of equal importance in a ramen. here at wagamama every little detail is considered. the aromatic broth. the fresh toppings. and don’t get us started on the noodles. we have spent years perfecting our noodles, even down to the timing of the boil, to ensure the correct bite and springiness

your ramen. your way

grab life by the chopsticks (or ladle). bend the rules. choose your broth strength. maybe add some extra chilli. choose your noodles. order some gyoza too. the choice is all yours. don’t even think about sharing. when your ramen is this delicious everyone will want their own

sip stir slurp

the secret to enjoying your ramen is ‘slurpability’. so sit back and slurp with maximum gusto through to the very last drop of one of our delicious and comforting bowls of ramen. simple yet flavourful. just how ramen should be. all our ramen bowls are made to order with authentic japanese ingredients and a little wagamama twist making each one unique